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    Memoirs of Gurudev ~ Revelation and Blessings of Lord Shiva

    Lord Shiva who  is also known as Mahadev i. e. God of God is one of the main deity among the Trinity. Trinity of Bramha-Vishnu-Mahesh(Trideva) runs the cosmic administration of the whole creation.

    In cosmic administration of the creation dimension of birth and death, life after death  AND life between lives comes under Mahajivan (series of many Lives). Administration and governence of Mahajivan is the cosmic responsibility of Lord Shiva. While living in the Sumiran(Divine Rememberance) of Nirakar Govind(Formless Infinite Blissful Cosmic Consciousness which is the very source of multidimensional multiverse creations, planets and multiverse galaxies) Lord Shiva governs the system of Mahajivan very beautifully. I express my gratitude and tribute to the Lord Shiva hundred and hundred times again and again.

    नमामीशमीशान निर्वाणरूपं विभुं व्यापकं ब्रह्मवेदस्वरूपम्
    NamamiShamishaan NirvanaRupam Vibhaam Vyapkam Brahma Veda Swaroop

    निजं निर्गुणं निर्विकल्पं निरीहं चिदाकाशमाकाशवासं भजेऽहम् 
    Nijam nirgunam nirvikalpam niriham chidakashmakashwasam bhajeham 

    निराकारमोंकारमूलं तुरीयं गिरा ज्ञान गोतीतमीशं गिरीशम्
    Nirakarmonkaarmoolam turiyam gira gyan gotitmisham girisham

    करालं महाकाल कालं कृपालं गुणागार संसारपारं नतोऽहम्।।
    Karalam Mahakal Kalam Kripalam Gunagar Sansaraparam Natoham.
    We have to rediscover the method of invoking high dimensional divine spirits again.  Today when one tries to comprehend the meaning of Vedas, it makes that person skeptical, and Veda seems unreal when one reads the text like - come Indra, come Varun, come so and so deity....  And person invoking dialogues with deity as if deity's appearance has come true.  And then offering to Indra, praying to Indra goes on and on...  And in such a huge volume of Vedas, at no place, there seems to be such a thing that any single person is doubting whether he is talking about madness!  Whom are they talking to!  The deity seems to be walking on the ground exactly at the time of the Vedas.  The method of invocation was availabe during those days.  All Yajnas, Havans are methods of invitations and invocations in a very deep way.

                                                          ~ Osho
     Divine Appearance and Revelation of Lord Shiva to Sadguru Osho Siddharth Auliyaji: - "(June 10, 2009) In the middle of the night, we all went to the Kedarnath temple. The devotees started reciting mantras there. Shortly thereafter, Lord Shiva's energy started to reveal. Revelation of a very high Energy was felt there.  And many friends told me their experiences. I myself felt intense divine presence of Lord Shiva. And Feeling continued even at the time of our return from the helicopter on the second day, as if Lord Shiva may be walking along with us. The camera also captured his light presence(Orb) on the hills of Kedarnath (see picture).
     Prior to this I experienced the presence of Lord Shiva at Rishikesh on 22 March 2006 during Aarti (see picture). Divine presence of Lord Shiva was experienced at Mansarovar on 3 July 2007 at night and at Somnath Temple on 11 January 2008 during Aarti.  At the time of our visit to Manasarovar, one of our seeker (Osho Prem) captured the presence of Lord Shiva in his camera at 3 AM on July 6, 2007 (see main picture). And now the series is on….  "
     Surprisingly, Gurudev did not do any intense specific spiritual practice of Lord Shiva.  Nevertheless, Lord Shiva himself giving his divine glimpse shows that he has past lives association with Gurudev.  The spiritual level of Gurudev is very distinct and great. For this reason, for the first time in the history of mankind, Lord Shiva made his original form available in the picture for the seekers of Oshodhara And with his immense compassion Gurudev has now presented this picture image  of divine appearance of Lord Shiva for the whole of humanity..

    Gurudev has synergized both spirituality and the material world,  Nirakar Govind and his powers(deities) in Oshodhara.  This is happening for the first time in the spiritual world.  This fortune was never ever available in the past.

    Many saints of the past sticked their spiritual practices only upto enlightenment(Atma Gyan) and Bramh Gyan.  And the powers (deities) of Govind was ignored.  Due to this partial approach, their spiritual world  got enriched but the material world could not become beautiful as it should have been.  And in some traditions, the seeker got entangled only in the rituals and practices to gain spiritual powers(Siddhis).  One can attain the strength by gaining spiritual powers(Siddhis).   But, at the same time the ego becomes so stronger that it deviates the seeker from the spiritual path and its main objective.
     Gurudev has given us multidimensional vision.  He reveals that both Hukumi i.e. Nirakar Govind and Hukum i.e. his cosmic law (his governing powers in the form of various deities working under him) can be brought together.  A seeker can make his/her spiritual life beautiful by loving Hukumi i.e. Govind and can make his/her material world successful by taking help from Hukum i.e. Gods and Godesses.

    Gurudev shares an amazing wisdom, that not taking co-operation from anyone is also a form of ego.  The Gods and Goddesses in Cosmic Governence system of  Nirakar Govind are always ready to support us.

    Gurudev reveals one more  secret, that you will go astray if you worship the gods directly, and also you will not get their support.  But if you fall in love with Nirakar Govind, and then seek for god and godess's cooperation by remaning centered in Govind's Sumiran(Divine Remembrance), then they will cooperate immediately.  Because they are also eager to help us.
     Gurudev has given a bird's eye view and guidemap of the spirituality.  And it is a time of great fortune for all the  genuine spiritual seekers and sincere disciples.  Because such a rare fortune comes only after 2500 years.  His teaching is: know the soul, know the divine and go on the journey of the ultimate life, living  blissfuly in his love.  And in 24 hours, connect with the Gods(Hukum) just for 10-15 minutes.  Befriend them.  Get help from high dimension divine forces to make your material world enriched and beautiful.

    Even now if we say that He is working Opposite to  Osho.  Then it will be only our foolishness !!!
    Now it is our freedom, whether to oppose him and be deprived of this ultimate good fortune.  OR become devoted to his lotus feet and join this ongoing divine celebration of OSHODHARA Which is uniquely happening for the first time in the history of humanity.

    Gurudev is taking us to those unknown heights of spirituality through his well designed Enlightenment(Samadhi), Divine Rememberance(Sumiran) and Wisdom(Pragya) programs where only few rare saints have ever reached !!!
     Gurudev says :- Spiritualism's not for the busy & satisfied. It's for those craving to know the meaning of life. It's not any mental itching, but discovering. . . "Soul". A devotee, not a scholar, or cunning politicians; a revolutionary, not a radical can tread this path. "

    Gurudev has propounded 'Sahaja-Yoga', as the best path of spirituality in Oshodhara, which has 3 dimensions - Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. Jnana yoga means knowing oneself as a soul and living in bliss.  Bhakti yoga means knowing God and living in his love. Karma yoga means constantly working towards our goals, needs, duties and responsibilities AND reconciling the world by connecting with the soul and the divine.

    Always remember : -
    Guru + Govind + Disciple - This synergy is the essence of all spirituality !!
    And it will go on forever continuously, Charaiveti .. Charaiveti….

           शिवत्वं सदा सर्व कल्याण रूपं,

           जरा मृत्यु रोगं क्लेश कष्टम हरेण्यं।
           शिवः गुरु र्न भेदो एक स्वरूपं,
           तस्मै नमः गुरु पूर्ण शिवत्व रूपं।।

               गुरुरवै शरण्यं  गुरुरवै शरण्यं
               गुरुरवै शरण्यं  गुरुरवै शरण्यं

                                   ~ Jagran Siddharth
         (Translated by Nishkam Siddharth)

            💐 Om Shivaay namah 💐 

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    1. जय गुरुदेव ।
      Ahobhav Gurudev for sharing such unique and unparalleled experiences. Thanks Osho Nishkam and Osho Jagran ji for this great service.

    2. तो क्या ओशो अध्यात्म की इन उचाईयों पर नहीं थे की शिव उन्हें दर्शन दे?
      और ओशो धारा तो २२ सालों से चल रही है..अभी तक तो और भी लोगों को शिव दर्शन हो जाना चाहिए ऐसा क्यों नहीं हुआ.. क्यों इन्द्र आदि देवताओं से और लोगों की बात नहीं हो पाती ??
      अगर सिद्धार्थ जी की बात सही है भी तो ओशोधारा experiment successful नहीं है !
      ओशो की धारा अगर किसी चीज़ को प्रायोगिक तौर पर नहीं करवा सकती तो क्या पॉइंट है...?
      आप ये कमेंट डिलीट कर देंगे पर कभी दिल से ओशो को पढ़ा या माना हो तो सोचिएगा कहाँ गलती हो रही है आप लोगों से. ..


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